Worldpay EMV Unit (Chip & Pin)


Starting January 1st, 2024, these units will no longer be available for purchase or replacement, as the platform for these devices is being discontinued by WorldPay. WorldPay will support all existing EMV units in use, but due to this change, there will no longer be any EMV or PCI-compliant options available for foreUP users processing with WorldPay in 2024. You can still purchase the WorldPay Magtek simple swipe, as this is the only other card reader available with WorldPay at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to foreUP Support at If would like to look into other options for processing, please reach out to our director of payments, Michelle ( for more information.

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Z6 Dejavoo Unit, Meets new credit card liability shift guidelines. Offers: Apple Pay, Google Pay, NFC, signature capture, customer-facing unit, EMV-ready

*The MID should be set up through Worldpay specifically for this Dejavoo unit in order to properly encrypt it*

This device only applies if you are processing with Worldpay. This device is not compatible with ETS.